Men’s Group

Saint Clare of Assisi’s Men’s Group (Revised from 11/16/2008):

Mission Statement:

The Men’s Group of Saint Clare of Assisi is open to all men of the Parish (18 years and older). The Men’s Group is established for the purpose of spiritual growth, development and socialization of its members and to assist the parish in meeting the goals of the Parish Plan (10/8/2003).

The Men’s Group achieves this mission in the following manner:

  • Organizing spiritual activities for the men of the Parish
  • Organizing ministries for men in the parish
  • Creating a welcoming atmosphere in the Parish
  • Assisting at the various Parish socials
  • Assisting the parish through activities aligned with the Parish Plan
  • Assisting in the work and life of Vicariate 2 and its subgroups

History of Men’s Groups in the Parish:

  • The Century Club of Saint Clare Church

The Group Action Plan:

  • Spiritual
    • Regular meetings for prayer, scripture study and faith sharing (frequency, time, place and material used to be determined a Steering Committee of the Group)
    • Recollection days and retreats
    • Rites of passage for young men in the Parish and the Community of Clairton
  • Socials
    • Parish socials
    • Organize on a “as need” basis
    • Serve as Clearinghouse for trips and activities for other community activities
  • Ministries
    • Presence at Baptisms in the Parish
    • Mentor younger men of the Parish and Community of Clairton through workshops of various types
    • Visit other churches in Clairton
    • Be a link and clearinghouse for community outreach
    • Link with other Men’s Groups within the parishes of Vicariate 2
    • Link with the Diocesan Catholic Men’s Group
  • Fundraisers
    • Support Parish fundraisers