We carry out the primary mission of the Church to evangelize. We do this through charity, justice, peace, and assisting the poor and the needy on a local, national & international level. We also strengthen the fellowship within the parish, Diocese & with people of other faiths.


  • Parish as a Community
    • Expand the parish’s capacity to:
    • Welcome members of the community
    • Provide a sense of fellowship
    • Increase the level of comfortability
    • Strengthen the RCIA Program to have better ties between parishioners, parish leadership & participants
    • Organize outreach programs for the unchurched people in the area and inactive members of the parish
    • Respect diversity by celebrating old traditions and creating new events to establish new Church traditions
  • Parish as a Community of Service
    • Support the material, spiritual & emotional needs of the parish and community
    • Serve as an advocate for justice within the parish and community by working with parishioners, lay & religious members of the community & local organizations
    • Create an awareness of global injustices. Also, provide parish/community financial or material support to one or more of these issues

Contact Information:

If you are interested in joining this Council or would like more information, please contact the Parish Offices.