Parish Plan

PASTORAL PLAN – 2015 -2020


 We are a family, united in the Eucharist, guided by the Holy Spirit, called by Jesus Christ to grow in faith, love, and prayer in harmony with the universal Catholic Church.

We will achieve our parish mission by worshipping together and working to evangelize, educate and serve each other and the entire community.

Goal 1 – Strengthen the Catholic presence in Clairton.


  1. Continue to work with Diocesan Officials, Fr. Fred Cain, Vicar, and Fr. Charles Baptiste to strengthen the Catholic presence in Clairton.
  2. Continue to investigate ways to support community development in Clairton.
  3. Expand an outreach program to reach inactive Parishioners, former Parishioners, and the unchurched in our community who are in need of a spiritual home.

Goal 2 – Continue improvements to Parish physical property.


  1. Take steps to preserve the church windows (i.e., skylight above the altar, stained glass).
  2. Make all areas of the parish (i.e., sanctuary, offices, rest rooms) Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant.
  3. Continue to reduce the Parish debt.
  4. Enclose the St. Clare Pavilion to increase its usability.

Goal 3 – Re-establish the Stewardship Committee to re-invigorate parishioner participation in the liturgies and increase volunteerism in the Parish and Clairton.


  1. Recruit and retain lay ministers.
  2. Strengthen pastoral care programs in our local hospitals and nursing homes.
  3. Strengthen the Homebound/Shut-In ministry.
  4. Enhance the parish website.

Goal 4 Restructure Education and Faith Formation programs.


  1. Select and support training of Education and Faith Formation leaders.
  2. Encourage and support CCD programs which support our parish.
  3. Encourage and support participation in local Vacation Bible Schools and Spiritual events hosted by other churches in Clairton.
  4. Refine Sacramental Preparation Programs to not only prepare participants but to enhance Eucharistic celebrations for all.